SmackCast presents the best dj-sets from the most talented Danish dj’s
Our little group of dedicated people selects and collects mixes from the danish dj-underground. Both emerging and established dj’s are chosen and they provide a mix exclusively for this site. The mix is then presented along with a little biography and an interview with the dj. All mixes are made especially for us and most of them you won’t be able to download elsewhere. There are no special genres required but most barrier pushing dj’s nowadays find themselves in the electronic genre and that is reflected throughout the collection of dj-mixes on this site.
How to download.
There are several ways to download the mixes on this site. You can either sign up on the site and there will be a download link under each post. But the strength of this site is that the mixes is also provided in the podcast format. By use of podcast software such as iTunes you will be able to subscribe to the mixes and your computer should automatically download the mixes as they become available.
Here at Smackcast we recommend iTunes but if you for some reason do not like this application you can find a complete list of podcasting software available from here: http://www.podcastingnews.com/topics/Podcast_Software.html
If you use iTunes simply press the subscribe link to the right. If you prefer other software you should usually add this RSS feed to your softwares list of feeds in order to subscribe:
Hope you enjoy the mixes on this site and please feel free to contact us at podcast@smacksmack.dk if you have any questions, problems or comments.
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