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One of the DJ’s that really blew up onto the Danish scene in 2011 was Flip. Not that he was a new name to the scene. Christopher (as his real name is) had been playing regularly at all the Copenhagen hot spots since the start of the century and had released successful tracks together alone  and together with Djuma Soundsystem. But last year Flip would have his track Possibilities in full rotation on Danish national radio, P3 and he would play the Sensation party infront of thousands of people. Both incidents that would push him to the absolute forefront of the Danish clubscene. Flip style is deep and grooving house music but in this SmackCast he showcases a broader variety of his musical tastes. We had a chat with him too…


You have created a mix for us, many thanks, what have you selected for us and how and where did you mix it?

Well… I always try to start my mixes somewhere different from where they end. I don’t want to just play 90 minutes of the same sounding sounds. This mix is more a selection of good tracks and personal favorites. The music is from four decades mainly black music, disco influenced and quite deep and organic. I’ve tried to make it both for the floor and the iPods plus show the listener something about the different genres of music that influence me. The mix is done in Ableton Live and together with my studio partner Lars.


It’s been a busy year for you with new releases gaining huge popularity and of course the gig at Sensation. How has the experience been for you, good and bad?

Yes, 2011 was definitely the best of my career. Sensation, both the process leading up to it and the gig in it self was a huge experience. Probably the most exciting night of my life and something i will always remember. The feedback from 26.000 people is something very unique. But also to meet and greet so many new and friendly faces afterwards has been a huge reward. It was such a honor to be chosen to “represent your country” and on a more personal level it was quite amazing being able to present the music i love to so many people – and with a home court advantage! It’s very hard for me to point out anything bad but at the moment i try to focus a lot on my next releases and how to make people realize that i’m more than just the guy who played stadium tech. My style isn’t just big room records and especially not the more commercial anthems that the Sensation brand is normally known for. I have a huge passion for the more deep and groove based music so the next task is to make my productions strong enough to really get their attention! But honestly, it is very hard to come up with a single negative point. It has opened up a lot of doors and pushed me to a much wider audience and for that i’m very grateful.


You’ve been living and dj’ing in Paris and London too. How do you compare the scenes there to Copenhagen?

After having made a living of DJ’ing in Denmark for a couple of years I needed a break and some inspiration. First of I moved to Paris but quite quickly it didn’t really go as a thought or hoped it would have. So after a year I moved on to London where I got in to the scene and established a name for myself after a short while. I lived there for 2 years but then I met my current girlfriend and was offered a new studio in Copenhagen. So i decided to move back! Mainly because it felt right but also to focus 100% on my own productions. Copenhagen is a great place in many ways but when i left the city it was because I felt the city had become to small. But now within the last couple of years i have tried to use that to my advantage instead. I can bike to my studio and most gigs, i know almost every single promoter and “employer”, i have all my friends and contacts quite close to me and rent is cheaper than in London.

Not to sound like a cliche but at the moment it’s nice to be a big fish in a small pond and not the other way around. Again, Copenhagen is a very small city compared to almost any other capital in Europe. There’s a lot of talent but very few clubs as opposed to cities like Berlin, London, Paris, Barcelona or even Amsterdam. That makes it hard for new talent to not only break here but also in the long run to get more international attention. Not many people look to Copenhagen to spot fresh sounds and therefore we do not have as many success stories and the scene is in many aspects still quite young. Besides the number of our population our biggest difficulty is the mentality within the scene. We are very bad at working together and helping each other in a positive and progressive way. It took me quite some time to realize this for myself but now i really try to focus more on bringing creative and exciting people into my life.


What’s coming up in the future for you? Releases and gigs?

I’ve just released my new single on Klimaks which is a sub label to Noir Music. The single includes a remix from Berlin-based Trickski. I’m really happy with that release and quite excited to work with and for Noir. I’ve known Noir for a couple of years and in my humble opinion he runs one of the most interesting labels out there so i’m really proud to be a small part of that. In the future i want to focus more on vocal based and quirky/stand out tracks as i can see on my own selection and taste that i go for those type of records now. And actually always have!




1. Arthur Russell - Hiding Your Present From You
2. Blixa Bargeld & Alva Noto - One
3. Greg Hale Jones - Sea Lion Woman
4. Escape From New York - Fire In My Heart
5. Claudja Barry - Love For The Sake Of Love
6. Inner Life - Make It Last Forever (John Morales Remix)
7. Motor City Drum Ensemble - L.O.V.E.
8. Dance Reaction - Disco Train (Morgan Geist Caboose Mix)
9. Crazy P - Open For Service
10. Fox The Fox - Precious Little
11. Martin Dawson feat. Nicholas Ryan Gant - Think About It (Maceo Plex remix)
12. Cubiq & Real Nice - Had Enough (Kreature Remix)
13. Alex Flatner - Break The House
14. Armando - Don't Take It (Thomas Edit)
15. Blunted Dummies - House For All (John Acquaviva Original 2011 Edit)
16. Ananda Project - Moment Before Dreaming (Idjut Boys Dub)


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