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The mixer of the next Smackcast just released his debut album last year. But that doesn’t suggest that he’s new to danish clubculture. As Dennis Uprock he was a frequent name to find on the flyers of 90’s raves in Copenhagen. You could also find him behind the counter of Copenhagens leading electronic music store at that time Loud; back when you still had to get your music on vinyl. Now he calls himself Resoe but he still prefers to get his music on vinyl. A love he shares with Kenneth Christiansen; founder of Echocord, the label that released his debut album The Black Void of Space and they partner together in the project Pattern Repeat. Both as Pattern Repeat and solo as Resoe we’re deep in dub techno land. Which is also the case with this 33rd edition of the smackcast. Dennis took some time out to answer a couple of questions, so read on below…

Hi Dennis. Thanks for the mix. What have you put together for us and where and how did you record it. 

I put a mix together of tracks that I really enjoy and inspires me. When I prepare a mix I find a bunch of tracks that I think fits the mood that i’m in when I have to record it. I don’t really have a every track planned and know which order that i’m going to play them in. Normally I know which track I would like to start out with or maybe finish with. From there on I just start to record the mix and go with flow more or less like when I dj at a club or a party. I’m not really well at planning my whole set before I go to the club. I tried it a couple of times and then I stick to the running order for maybe about three records and then I start to look through the record box. The mix was recorded on two 1210’s, an Allen & Heath Mixer 464 and i used a mixture of 12’s and Serato. When I play out I only use vinyl, but when i’m in the studio I sometimes use Serato. Then I can play some of the promos I receive that isn’t on vinyl yet.

How has the reception for your album been in Danmark and outside of the country? Has it brought you any interesting gigs?

The reception of my album has been really great overall, with great reviews and good feedback. The album brought me a really nice tour in Japan that Ken “Stereociti” from Mojuba records put together in Japan in the beginning of the year. I was supposed to go on a mini tour together with Kenneth Christiansen where he would DJ and I would play live at clubs like Unit and Compu funk . Unfortunately the tour got cancelled in the last minute because of the horrible disaster Japan had with the Tsunami. It was two weeks before we we’re supposed to go. I really feel sorry for all the time, effort and money that Ken put into making this tour happen, and for all the people in Japan. I have played at really cool clubs though like Berghain, Fabric and Arena to name just a few. I would really love to play at Panorama Bar or Fabric again, I really love those clubs.

Do you perform live or only dj?

I do both play live and DJ. When I DJ i use two turntables or three if it’s available and a Allen & Heath xone 92. I only play vinyl when I DJ at a club. I’m one of the old guys that still like the touch of a 12-inch. I used Serato for a short period of time but I felt that it was to difficult to choose which tracks that I had to play because of the huge library that I have. I like to have the limitation of my record box so I only have around 100 12’s to choose from.When I play live I use a Macbook Pro running Ableton Live with a APC40  controller. Sometimes I also bring my NI Maschine and midi keybord to add some on the fly live elements, just to make everything more interesting.

How does your work process differ from working alone as Resoe and together with Kenneth in Pattern Repeat?

When I produce as Resoe it normally starts with some kind of atmosphere that I have in my head and then I just try out all sorts of different things that comes into my mind. There is always some kind of dub element in the track somewhere that I use to build my track around. Normally it takes me around two hours to finish all the elements that I would like to have in the track and then maybe a couple of hours to arrange. I have mad tracks that only took 15 minutes to arrange because everything was so inspiring to mute on and off. Sometimes I record the track live and keep that as the final track if i’m in the zone (as Luke Hess would say). I use around 30-45 minutes to make the final mix and  to ajust all the levels/eq/compression and fx’s.


When I work with Kenneth it’s more or less the same way that we aproach the whole process. The only difference is that when Kenneth is in the studio he comes up with ideas of which kind of sounds or mood that we could put into the track and then we more or less just combine our inspiration. I’m deffinetly the one touching all the equipment but Kenneth’s gots a really good ear for arangement and the music in general. Both of us has a really diverse taste of music and that is what really inspires us when we produce tracks. We don’t just listen to techno when we need inspiration, we listen to all kinds of music.
But there is one thing that is the most important thing for me when I make music, and that is if I don’t have anything going within the first couple of hours that I really like. Then I delete the track and start over again from the beginning or leave the studio. During all the years that I have made music I found that if I force myself to make tracks and nothing is working…, then it’s a waste of time for me to keep on trying to finish the track.

What’s coming up in the near future? 

The next 12″ that is coming up is Pattern Repeat 00/5 and then there will come some stuff on Echocord. I might release some new 12’s on Baum in the near future, but I not sure when. Then I have to play in Köln at a club called Gewölbe which Shumi is running.


Bernard Badie - Party Jacktrack (Oracy´s House Call Edit)
Mary Velo - Methods (Conforce Remix)
Vakula - Track 1
Kassem Mosse - Enoha
Redshape - The Lesson
Deep Chord Pres. Echospace - Spatial Dimension (CV 313´s Live Edit)
Mikkel Metal - Ball Under
King Britt & Dynamic - Secret Of The Stars
Powell - 09 (Karl O´Conner Remix)
MD2 - MD2 4.2
Milton Bradley - Sequence #1
Roman Lindau - Borne
Cosmin TRG - Plasir Interdit
Unbalance - Untitled 2
Steve Rachmad - Boogie Moogie
Mike Huckaby - The Tresor Track
Skudge - Overture (Substance Remix)
Radiohead - Bloom (Objekt RMX)


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