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It’s been a long summer but now your favorite podcast is back with more dj-mix goodies from the best danish dj’s. This time we have a return of MHM-One that did a mix for us back in 2008 when he’d just released his debut 12-inch on Tartelet. The track Bubububadub became a big success and was amongst others licensed for a Loco Dice compilation. We caught up with Morten to get the story on what happened since and he’ll share some details of his returning popular clubnight Kill You Telly.

So last time you had just released Bubububadub which was a great success, tell us a little about what happened in the slipstream of that.

I guess the  EP was a fine kickstarter for me but on the other hand the success that came along with it had a restrictive influence on my output. The record was picked up by many djs and it caused a lot of possitive attention for both Tartelet Records and myself as a new name on the international scene. It gave birth to some enquiries from top labels who wanted to release my music. Loco Dice used it for his “In The Lab Mix CD”, and NRK Records decided to re-release it shortly after on a 12 inch sampler.

Since then we didn’t hear much from you, what happened?

To be honest with you I felt that it was a little overwhelming. Kind of paralyzing for my creativity you could say. Specially that big interest from some of the top labels whom I had been admiring and respected for many years as a DJ. I mean, at that time I had only been producing electronic music for a very short period and still had a lot to learn. I was searching for a sound to get really into you know. So I had to disappoint some people, and some of them couldn’t understand why I was withholding. Also this happened at the same time as I got my little son and I think the new situation with me being a father took some of the focus away from my studio sessions.

Is there any new productions in the pipeline from you?

Im so lucky to have a really nice studio only 10 minutes from my home. It’s really really great!  I share it with my friends Tom Collins, James Braun and Emil Viril and it works well, as we are all busy fellas. I enjoy making music again and in the end thats the most important thing right? I don’t stress about it, instead I allow myself the freedom to experiment and explore new sounds instead of worrying about the expectations from my surroundings.
I just did a remix for danish housemeistro Sapriori and i am very pleased with the result. The whole EP is awesome and will come out soon I think. I also have another remix project in the pipeline plus some exciting new collabs with other producers and then of cause a new EP on Tartelet at some point. But  – It comes when i’m satisfied – ha ha….. In the beginning it was all about samples, samples and more samples when I was making music, but lately I have been totally carried away by the old classic analog drummachines and bass synths – only VST’s though – I admit that i’m too lazy to get in to the physical ones  – even though James Braun just placed his huge hardware park in our studio.

What about playing out, where do you play at the moment?

I’ve had some great gigs abroad lately: Switzerland, Sweden and Germany – mainly at my second home Salon Zur Wilden Renate. I prefer playing there over the most other clubs where I have performed at in Berlin. I have good friends there and they just cant do a wack party there.  I love how they’ve created their own take on the – sometimes a little too self-important – Berlin club scene. In Renate I trust!  And after almost 3 years of hibernating it seems like my clubnight Kill Your Telly have decided to wake up from the snoring. So when the summer is over we start up with a big Perlon special and the KYT events will be moving around to different locations  from party to party. Can’t wait to get started again, and I hope Copenhagen is ready, cause it’s gonna be so good.

So you did a mix for us, what are you playing for us this time and where did you record it?

Well – I recorded this mix a late night in the studio using a pair of 1210’s and my Allen & Heath mixer. Untypical for my dj sets now a days  – this one was mainly with vinyls. In the clubs I play mostly with Traktor Scratch, but still  – I still buy a vinyl now and then when no other options is available – and I just need that special release. Old love never dies :-) I didn’t do any serious reflections about this mix before i pressed record. But if I have to add a few words to it –  I’d say that It’s basically just a collection of some of those records that really does it for me: A little fairytaile about my love for deep quality music careless being house, deep techno, dubstep or even laid back funk grooves.  Personal favourites from labels like Mosaic, Classic, Playhouse and Aniara can be found plus a couple of unreleased goodies. For an example a sick recording from one of the [a:rpia:r] lads.

Photo by Peter Gant


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