The Ottoman Episode by Beastie Respond

For this episode of the Smackcast we have a bit of a treat for you. It is time to turn up the tempo for our very first drum’n’bass podcast mixed by Tobias Hjørnet aka. Beastie Respond. He is the organizer for the Ottoman events and has brought the best drum’n’bass DJs from inside and outside of Denmark to the Copenhagens small club; Dunkel. Worth mentioning are artists like DATA, Loxy and dBridge.

Beastie Responds sound is experimental, deep and raw with a twist of melancholy. Along with his sublime techincal skills behind the decks you will really have something to look forward to with this mix.
Aside from DJ’ing he also produces his own tracks and is set to release an EP on Psimonos label TEAL recordings (Who contributed to the smackcast with mix number 26). He has also just debuted with his new live-set but you can read more about all of this in the interview below.

First off… Could you introduce us to your mix?

The intention with this mix is to reveal some of the drum’n’bass that I find could be interesting to other people. It isn’t a selection of crowd pleasers or any crash bang wallop business but everything from electro influenced beats, dub and more or less regular drum’n’bass. Still with a bit of edge of course. It is a mix of released tunes and forthcoming stuff from myself but there is also bits in there which is forthcoming on record labels like Exit Records, Horizons Music and Blackout. These are all labels that I personally follow and enjoy releases from. The tempo is maybe a bit higher than many of the previous Smackcasts (around 170) but a lot of the music in there has a half-tempo feeling, which I really think is a good tendency in drum’n’bass because the fast tempo often leave out a lot of details in the beat. There should be a bit in it for everyone.

When did you start listening to drum’n’bass?

I wish I could tell you something romantic about a rave party that blew me away or something like that. But to be honest I just stumbled upon it randomly in the iTunes Podcast section. I found a podcast called Drum&BassArena. It caught me by interest and I haven’t been looking back since. I’ve always enjoyed good trip-hop and experimental hip hop music and other genres of the electronic music but none of it sucked me in like drum’n’bass did. It was very new to me with the high tempo and deep bass sound. I kept following this Podcast but lost interest at one point but when the Autonomic Podcasts (by dBridge & Instra:mental) came around I really started to listen to drum’n’bass as more than just fast party music. It was also at this point that I got more focused on forming my own unique style of composition and production as well as selection as a DJ.

You have a 12” coming out on Psimono’s TEAL recordings very soon. Could you tell us something about this EP?

It is mainly the tune called Syncopy that have got all the attention so far. I got the idea for the tune one night in July last year when I was riding my bike in the outskirts of Copenhagen. Many of my basic ideas for tunes start when I ride my bike. I record the ideas for the melody on my telephone and play it when I get home. I guess I was lucky with the melody back then. Psimono picked it up pretty fast and from there it has pretty much just taken off. We wanted to get a remix done by a more established artist to promote the 12″ because I’m still mostly unknown out there in the big world. We talked back an forth about who to contact. I really wanted to hear dBridge’s take on it as he might be the one drum’n’bass producer I look up the most. And he said yes. After several months I talked to him about it. He finally told me we might had to pass the job on to someone else because he thought he couldn’t do the original justice. I was gutted at first but on the other hand it was the best way to get a remix turned down. dBridge has been very keen to support the tune both in the last layer of the Autonomic Podcast and on the Autonomic show on RinseFM. Syncopy has got support from quite a few DJs by now. The new remix we’ve got is by Hessle Audio’s Blawan. The remix is very different from the original. The idea with getting Blawan to do it was to make the remix appeal to a wider audience than just the dnb-heads. So far I know it has been supported by 2562 as well as my friend Psimono (it fits better in to his sets than my other 170 business).

Any other interesting things coming up?

There are a few things yeah. Ever since I started producing music I have found my self limited by the possibilities of DJing, so this winter I thought the time was right to start working on a live-set where I focus on my own productions only. The premiere was at Dunkel at the Hest/Pony party, which was a perfect setting for trying it the first time. During the summer I have quite a few gigs with this liveset so keep your eyes peeled on my facebook site for updates on that. I can also announce that Psimono and myself will start doing some parties together. The first one will be during Strøm Festival. I can’t reveal more at the moment.

Enjoy the mix.

Photo: Sune Gamst


Com Truise – Cyanide Sisters (Ghostly International)
dBridge – Knew you where the 1 (Hotflush)
Reza – David can still beat Goliath (CX: Digital)
Genotype – Above politics (Exit Records)
Calibre – Thirst Dub (Signature)
Dub Phizix – Athoas (Ingredients)
ASC – Leviathan (Exit Records Dub)
Instra:mental – Scene 3 (Exit Recordings)
Mark System – Thought Reform (Digital Soundboy)
Data – Sentinel (Blackout Recordings Dub)
dBridge – 5th floor (Exit Records)
Beastie Respond – Syncopy (Teal Recordings Dub)
Beastie Respond – Syncopy (2000F dubwise edition) (Dub)
Beastie Respond – No More (Dub)
Beastie Respond – We’ve seen you through (ft. Emilie Reimers) (Teal Recordings Dub)
Spectrasoul – Lost disciple (Shogun Audio)
Code 3 – Chasm (Exit Records)
Lenzman & Riya – Open Page (Metalheadz)
Survival & Paul T – Go Back (Dispatch Recordings)
DLR – Tundra (BLCKND)
Rockwell – Noir (Ulterior Motive Remix)(Critical Music)
Skream – Motorway (Exit Records)
Data – Formless (Horizons Music Dub)
Sytem – Peach Fuzz (Exit Records)
Synkro – Open Arms (Exit Records)
James Blake – Wilhelms Scream (Atlas)
dBridge – Decayed (Exit Records)
Choplifta – Drone Death (Free)


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