Bulk Properties by Asmus Odsat

For our thirtieth edition of the podcast (yeah, we’ve really come that far, people!) we have selected one of the new breed of Copenhagens dj’s moving in the cross field between techno, dubstep and the undefineable. We find Asmus Odsat playing regularly at Copenhagens best hotspots for electronic music; Dunkel and Culture Box. And at only 26 years he has impeccable taste so we asked him to make a mix to the podcast. Asmus Odsat has an upcoming regular clubnight at Culture Box called BULK so if you want more after this mix you know where to find him. We bothered him with some questions as well…

Thank you for the mix, what are we listening to and how/where did you record it?

You’re welcome! I’ve tried to condense a variety of electronic music gems with a common techno denominator into under two hours of music: Tracks that I love and that inspire me. There’s also a single example of my own ventures into production in there, the results of which do not yet quite fall into any of the two aforementioned categories.
Due to a somewhat precarious but temporary housing situation, I was not able to record the mix on my own equipment so it was actually recorded in two parts at two different friends places (Find the splice and win a pot of gold from Smackcast! Or perhaps not). But it’s 1210s and Xone mixers all the way baby, which you will probably be able to tell from some of the mixes. The only track played from CD is my own since it’s very much unreleased…

How did you come up with the track selection?

By pulling out records from my shelves. -No seriously, since it was for a podcast I thought I should take some time thinking about the build-up and what (if anything) story i wanted to tell. When I’m playing in clubs my battle plans of the past never survive contact with “the enemy” anyway so I tend to pack some rather diverse bags instead and see what happens. Here I’ve tried to keep some of that diversity but I did prune the selection somewhat to keep focus. That meant I had to leave out a lot of other stuff I also really like but for once it might be good for me not to try to jam everything in there. I’d like to think I’ve managed to take the listener along for some serious soundseeing in Birmingham, Berlin, Chicago, Detroit, the ‘dams and Copenhagen.

How did you start playing and why do you play the music you play?

I’ve always been that annoying kid who ruined other people’s fun by tearing down the ever so well-established assembly-line-sound-canvas at the house parties of my youth, recklessly forcing jump-up drum & bass tunes into the 100-CD changer-systems of my classmates at the time. So it was only a question of time before the obsession drove me to find greener musical pastures where people have actually made a conscious choice of whether they want to graze there or not. Or more directly and less figuratively speaking: I started playing by putting the needle in the groove and I play the music I play because I love it to pieces and can’t imagine a day without electronic music.

You and 3 others are starting up a series of club nights at Culture Box, what do you have to contribute to the Copenhagen clublife? How will it be different?

That’s right: Mads Rehl (Culture Box), Paw Seitzberg (releasing on Freund der Familie) and Lasse Buhl (releasing on Sonic Groove) are starting up the club called ‘BULK’ by not doing anything different at all from the all the other clubs. This would seem to be the only different thing to do. Or what? Anyway. We would like to define ourselves on what we are and what we do. Not what we don’t do! And what do we do? We’re gonna make some extremely awesome parties that are centered around the techno end of things and we’re also gonna make a lot of out-of-the-club events that still have a techno aftertaste like record sales/exchange, ‘stægt flæsk’, grill-chill and perhaps even some le-tour-techno. It’s supposed to be about “hygge” and bringing people together around the music we love. It’s all very much in-the-making. And baking. No faking. Stop it. Ok.

You have played often at Dunkel, how is it playing there? (Tell a story of a really good night/morning)

Seeing as Culture Box and Dunkel are the only venues in Copenhagen with a consistent electronic music profile (and lots of good bookings) then… yeah…, those are the places I really like to play if I get the chance. There’s not a single moment behind the decks that immediately springs to mind but I’ve had some amazing experiences playing back to back (with Lasse at Culture Box and Simon Psimono from Hest/Pony at Dunkel) where you really feel each the vibe from each other and the crowd feels it as well. One special night & morning I will remember for a long time actually revolved around an artist not the clubs, and I wasn’t playing: Sascha Funke had delivered an impeccable performance at Culture-Box and got dragged down to Dunkel afterwards where we all heard him play once more. He really showed off his excellence by immediately reading the different feeling of this new place he was in. He started where the last dj had left off but slowly put his own spin on how he felt the night should proceed. I wish every night out was like that.


Sandwell District - Untitled [Sandwell District]
The End of All Existence - The End of All Existence [END]
Antonym & Regis - Calada Parts One, Two & Three [Downwards]
STL - Dark Energy [Something]
Jason Fine - Many To Many (Ben Klock Remix) [Kontra Musik]
Northen Structures - Plus Minus [Sonic Groove]
Cosmin TRG - Seperat [50 WEAPONS]
WK7 - Higher Power (Hardcore PCK Mix) [Power House]
2562 - This Is Hardcore [When In Doubt]
Ramadanman - Work Them [SWAMP 81]
Martyn - All Nights [All City Records]
2 Men On Wax - Bad Smoke [Dance Mania]
Joey Beltram - Instant [Tresor]
Paperclip People - Throw [Planet e]
Anthony Shake Shakir - Travellers (MRSK Remix) [Rush Hour]
Asmus Odsat - Cpyou [As If…]
Technose Distrikt - Untitled [Rush Hour]
James Ruskin - Return (Regis mix) [Blueprint]
Unknown Artist - Ugandan Speed Trials [DN]
SP-X - Extract [Time To Express]
Rivet - Inside Looking Out [Naked Index]
Furesshu - Lifted (Shifted Remix) [Project Squared]
Control Voltage - 5 [Control Voltage]
Hieroglyphic Being - Kilometer Zero [Apnea]
Blawan - Lavender [R & S Records]
Ben Klock - Compression Session 1 [Ostgut Ton]
E-Dancer - World of Deep (Carl Craig Remix) [Play It Again Sam]


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