Lights Out by Sapriori

Samuel Madsen or Sapriori as he calls himself is in the house this time. Although he is a house-dj at heart he flips the deck and gives us a sweet mix of minimal yet groovy tunes. He has played at most of Copenhagens venues but is mostly known for his residency at the now-gone-but-always-remembered Vesterbro bar: Ritz. Recently he has started to move on to places like Dunkel and Culture Box continuing to lay down floors with his groovy house weapons.

At day he studies theology at Copenhagen University and works as a church keeper. This has given him the rare opportunity to arrange special night-church events where the atmosphere is just as ambient as the music is.

Two and a half years ago he started producing his own tracks and his talent has already made him a be part of the Danish house-label Studiestraße Records and Romanian Tzinah Records. In addition to this he is also running the NWS-Cast. A vinyl-only podcast currently on their eighth episode. The style is focused on techno and house played by underground dj’s from around the world.

So sit back and enjoy this mix from one to watch in the future both on the production and the dj side of things. Because when Sapriori is behind the decks one thing is for sure: It’s all about the groove!

Can you introduce us to your mix? What is the idea behind it?

I once read a quote by a dj saying: ‘Who dances to a podcast?’ And even though I sometimes shake my thing listening to mixes on my iPod or at home this mix is more about a minimal vibe. And on top of that I had the opportunity to borrow my friend AC’s Cdj’s so I could play some of my own tracks as well as a few by my friends (Faster, Vid, Egal 3, Jonas and one by my brother Simon). So this mix is homegrown minimal!

When did you start listening to electronic music? And what did you listen to at that time?

Many dj’s bios say that they started doing this and that musical thing at the age of 2 or something, but besides my fathers Alan Parsons Project records; I didn’t start digging into electronic music before Ludovic Navare (aka. Saint Germain) did his Boulevard in 1995 and Kojak’s Crime in the city album. Beside those I will never forget some albums like Underworld – Beaucoup Fish, Boards of Canada – Music has the right to children or Laurent Garnier – The man with the red face.

How and where was the mix recorded?

Using 2x 1210 mk5 + 2x CDJ1000mk3 + DJM 600 at home in Copenhagen Nordvest.

Anything interesting coming up?

Yes! Lots of stuff is going on. A track coming up on Tzinah Records and later they will also release one of my tracks called One Of These Days. Also I just signed three deep tracks with Nsyde Music… All tracks that I am really happy about. And then Studiestraße will release an EP too. And something secret is coming up so stay tuned. The NWS Cast I run with my buddy Chris Cheops from Århus is going well with some really great mixes from great people :)

Enjoy the mix!


1. Boards of Canada - From One Source All Things Dep
2. Unknown Artist - B (Stablo 9999)
3. Jonas Hahn - In Transit
4. Unknown Artist - Estevid
5. Faster - Unknown Title
6. Simon Nathanael - Andras & Gyné (Sapriori Live Remix)
7. Sapriori - One Of These Days (Vid My Version Remix)
8. DJ Sneak - Delta Trippin' (Ricardo Villalobos "Lemi Smoke" Remix)
9. Dan Andrei - Untitled 6
10. Sapriori - Unt23 (Egal 3 Remix)
11. Sapriori - Unt23


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