Teal Bandana by Psimono

Simon Olsson is more commonly knows as Psimono, the DJ behind some of the finest bass infused parties in Copenhagen. Dunkel is where you’ll most likely find him where he is dropping house and techno inspired dubstep, and everything in between.

His parties at Dunkel dubbed Hest/Pony has seen bookings such as Scuba, Surgeon, Ramadanman, Sigha, TRG & Untold amongst others. All names that sums up the sound of Psimono when you hear him behind the decks. Recently Simon also launched his own label, called Teal Recordings. The first release already dropped this past november.

What is the idea behind the mix you did for us?
I rarely have an idea of what i’m doing. This mix is no exception.

Could you tell us something about your new label?
Yes. It’s just about to launch. Or perhaps by the time this mix is out it probably already has launched. First release is slamming New York inspired housetrack from London based West Norwood Cassette Library called Blonde on Blonde. The flip features a remix by the great Ramadanman under his Pearson Sound monkier. This remix is also appearing in my smack mix. The next couple of releases will be from Copenhagen based  artists. That’s pretty much as much as i’d like to reveal at this point. But let’s just say some familiar and some new faces will be featured.

How has the first release been recieved so far?
The first release has been doing really good. It has seen a lot of support both locally and internationally, and amongst a very varied pack of djs. 2562, Appleblim and Cosmin TRG are amongst the this supportive pack.

What does the future hold for you and Teal?
Probably a bit more djing, some more Hest/Pony parties and some more releases on TEAL.




1. Boddika - Syn Chron - Naked Lunch
2. Transparent Sound vs. Adj - Down In Miami - Outside
3. Cosmin TRG - Liebe Suende - Rush Hour
4. West Norwood Cassette Library - Blonde On Blonde (Pearson Sound Remix) - Teal
5. Skudge - Marcel Fengler Remix
6. Pattern Repeat - 00/4B
7. Untold - Fly Girls - Soul Jazz
8. Traversable Wormhole - Transducer (Brian Sanhaji Remix) - clr
9. Breach - Fatherless - PTN
10. Hackman - Semibreves - Unreleased
11. Julio Bashmore - Chazm - Ten Thousand Yen
12. Northern Structures - Plus Minus - Sonic Groove
13. James Ruskin - ? - Blueprint
14. Ted Esha - Njal - Teal
15. Roman Lindau - Heck - Fachwerk
16. Roska & Untold - Long Range - Numbers
17. Pariah - The Slump - R&S
18. Midland & Ramadanman - Your Words Matter - Aus Music
19. Scuba - So You Think You're Special (Joe Remix) - Hotflush


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