Off Smack by Matias Samo & Løwenstein

Hailing from Denmarks second biggest city Aarhus, these boys have played every respected party and club in Denmark and then some in the rest of Europe. They released their first 12-inch this summer and now they’re mixing for the SmackCast.

Having performed at places like Paradiso (Amsterdam), The Egg (London), Factory (Birmingham), Culture Box (Copenhagen), Berghain-Kantine and Villa (Berlin), Plano B – Porto and Villa (Oslo) these guys are not what you would call unexperienced. Not only are Matias Samo & Løwenstein dj’s. They’re also part of one of Denmark’s most loved club events called LOCO. LOCO has done collaboratory clubnights with with Culture Box, Tartelet Records,Echocord Records and of course their own parties in Aarhus. These great parties with very high quality bookings led to LOCO being voted the best Danish club in 2008 by the well respected Danish magazine Cover. On top of all that Matias Samo & Løwenstein released their first EP “Forward Push” on Kina Music in May 2010.

What have the two of you been up to lately?
Recently we’ve had a lot of fun. We spend the all of August in Berlin. We did some gigs and some partying. Besides that we are working on some music and a new club project in our hometown.

Could you tell us something about the mix?
The mix is a blend of new stuff and stuff from before we had even touched a turntable. From bootlegs to big labels. We like to blend old and new stuff when we play so it semt fitting to do that for this mix as well. It’s kind of an attemt at giving a sense of how we play. Just fitted in to 60 minutes. Even though it was pretty tough to do.

What are your plans for the future?
Right now we’re spending a lot of time experimenting in the home studio. We have no new releases planned at the moment but we are working on it. In the future we are going to spend a lot of time producing and finding the setup we’re happy with. Other than that we’ll be starting up a new small wednesday club with some boys here in Aarhus. It will be devoted to the local guys playing and really should be a playground for all of us here. We’ll play nice music and have fun together – hopefully some people will pick up on the idea and come dancing as well.

Any interesting gigs coming up?
We had a lot of fun gigs during the summer and right now things are a bit quiet, but we’re working on some dates in Hamburg, Berlin and Copenhagen that hopefully will get confirmed soon. Germany has been a good country to us so far.


1. Oskar Offermann, Moomin - Hardmood - Aim
2. Mood II Swing - Slippery Track feat. John Ciafone (Versions Evasie Re-Edit) - Strictly Rhythm
3. Knee Deep - Gypsy Bucket - Knee Deep Recordings
4. San Proper, Steven De Peven - Hupsters & Kletsers For Life - Studio Soulrock
5. Lauhaus - Varna Vibes (Mr. G Remix) - Sushitech Purple
6. Yakine - Infectious Grooves - Robsoul
7. James Braun, Ubebe - Neotony - Tartelet
8. Cajmere - Feelin' Kinda High feat. Terence FM ('94 mix) - Cajmere
9. Unknown - Don't Stop Booty - MOFO
10. Blaze - Do You Remeber House - Slip 'n' Slide
11. Smokin Jo - Now What - Area Remote
12. Clio & Popov - Fonk (Tool Edit) - Kina Music
13. NoiDoi - Wickid Snare - Love Letters From Oslo


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