Deep, Donkey and Dirty by Kim Kemi

Kim Jensen or Kim Kemi as most Copenhagen clubgoers know him as is mostly know for two things. Loud techno sets and drinking vodka straight out of the bottle. I guess some club sound systems are happy that he mostly now a days concentrate on the music and less on the booze.

Kim has for a some time made music with his long time friend Oliver. Together they’ve held a bunch of names. They are best known as “Mr. Kemi & Amox” but now they have decided to move on with the name “2 Working Donkeys”. The music usually is driving m inimal techno and we’re pretty excited to hear what kind of music will come out of that name. But until then Kim went into their studio and shook up the sixth mix for the podcast.

Hi Kim! How are you doing and what are you up to these days?
Everything is going great. We’re real busy producing and i’m dj’in here and there. I’ve just been to Rome and Palermo.

We just got a mix from you, what did you put in it?
The mix is a blend of everything from deep house over minimal and techno. There’s something from labels: Upon You, MIS Rec, Four Twenty, Playhouse, Careless, Drumpoet Community and from artists: Heinrich & Hirtenfellner, Sascha Dive, Mr.G, Losoul, Konrad Black, Format B, Marco Resmann and Carl Craig

What releases can we expect from you in 2008 ?
We have the first release ready under the new name 2 Working Donkeys coming out on MIS Records very soon. Plus a new one on Opossum Mini and another MIS later on the year. And i guess we’ll have some more surprises up our sleeve during the year… Let’s see…



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